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Chase Time Capsule from Meadowdale

Hey, I hope you are doing well and am a Pokemon master. Do you have a shiny Mewtwo? That would be awesome, but scary because of the tremendous power inside. Did you order a pizza extra cheese, low sauce, Little Caesars?

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Male Morgan, Roy, Ike

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Sealed with Dogecoin All Streetlights in Las Vegas Strip are using Kinetic Tiles foot power

Las Vegas is getting some new streetlights, and they will be powered by your feet.

A New York-based startup, called EnGoPlanet, has built four streetlights at a Vegas intersection that will be powered entirely by renewable energy. During the day, the lights will run on solar energy. But at night, they will be powered by the kinetic energy of all the people walking by them.

The Vegas streetlights are a trial of the company's new "kinetic tiles," which convert footsteps to electrical energy. According to the company, each step generates "from 4 to 8 watts" of power. It's not clear how many footsteps would be required to power their streetlights.

Each streetlight also doubles as a Wi-Fi hotspot and charging station, and comes with a suite of atmospheric and environmental sensors. They also come with built-in surveillance cameras, which may carry potential privacy concerns.

EnGoPlanet is not the first company to build kinetic-powered streetlights; another startup called Pavegen hooked up kinetic tiles in Heathrow airport and at the 2014 World Cup. However, EnGoPlanet is the first to connect their kinetic tiles to their own streetlights.

If the Vegas trial goes well, the company plans a large-scale installation, perhaps on the Vegas strip or in New York City parks. Which means that foot-powered lights—and their surveillance cameras—might be coming to your city soon.


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Owner: Captain EnGoPlanet
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test 2

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Sealed with Dogecoin hello 2 months later

helllo hello hows life

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laura 2


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the last minute girl

今天我和好几个司机沟通他们都不是很靠谱,但是给我了一个提示。说two color 去不了。此时此刻我觉得我们行程出需要改变,我就立刻research 来安排。
这样当接近五月一号时候,你有可能会last minute 问我怎么办,冠冠from the past已经解决 了哈哈哈哈哈。

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Sealed with Dogecoin Tennis Prediction: ATP 1000 ROLEX MONTE-CARLO MASTERS 2019

Thiem will reach semi-final match vs Djokovic and will defeat him in 3 sets - 6/7 6/4 6/3

On the other side of the scheme - Zverev will outlast Nadal in an epic semi-final battle (over 3 hours) - 6/7 7/5 7/5

The Final: Thiem vs Zverev

Zverev will be the new champion after solid win with 6/4 7/5

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Owner: DaggerOF Tme
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