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Sealed with Dogecoin Disney's new Beauty Queen - Emma Watson, starts her own Singing Career after "Beauty and the Beast" movieAge: 13 months

Sealed in 24 February 2016 19:12:57 Opened at: 17 March 2017 17:00:00
Emma Watson has made a unique choice to pick films that portray her so well. Her latest project “Beauty and the Beast” is one of the most talked about these days. In the latest revelation it is said that Watson is going to sing three songs for the movie, well Watson has been silent about the role and has not spoken about in detail. Read on to find out more about Emma Watson starred as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast.” Read on for more details.

According to VC Post, the songs are written by Allan Menken who is known for his scores of popular Disney movies like “The Little Mermaid” and “Aladdin.” Watson is said to be very excited for her first attempt of singing three songs in a single flick. It seems that Watson is definitely open to explore various things when it comes to work.

The movie is an adaptation of old musical animated romantic tale of 1991. Watson is starred as the lead Belle which was originally played by Paige O’Hara. Opposite her, Dan Stevens will take on the role of the Beast. This part is said to more detailed and layered which will include parts of the story that remained untold in the original.

Watson stated that, “beauty seems like a completion of a nice little circle”. She has indeed turned in to a graceful beauty now when we look back her first avatar of Hermione in “Harry Potter”. Her transition is from the role of a little girl to lady stepping into women hood in the newest role is commendable.

“Beauty and the Beast” will hit the theatres on Mar. 17, 2017.

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