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Sealed with Dogecoin The Dubai Museum of the Future becomes global destination for inventors and entrepreneursAge: 19 months

Sealed in 09 August 2015 17:14:58 Opened at: 06 March 2017 10:30:00
If you’re headed to Dubai in the next couple years, you might want to stop by the Museum of the Future, a space filled with “innovation labs” that will highlight the best in smart cities, energy and transport.

It’s no surprise that Dubai would take this 21st century World’s Fair-like approach — it’s probably the most artificial, manufactured place on the planet (sorry, Vegas). So it makes total sense that they’d just go ahead and make it official with a museum about things that haven’t happened yet.

The plans were revealed today by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, VP and prime minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai. The Museum will open in 2017 in the Emirates Towers area near Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

“The Museum of the Future will be an incubator for ideas and real designs, a driver for innovation and a global destination for inventors and entrepreneurs,” said Sheikh Mohammad at the launch, according to Gulf News. They report that the Museum’s motto will be “See the future, create the future.”


Official website:

Official YouTube channel of the Museum:
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