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Sealed with Dogecoin The rover Audi Lunar Quattro is ready for the challenges of the MoonAge: 19 months

Sealed in 10 August 2015 11:33:53 Opened at: 17 February 2017 12:00:00
German automaker Audi is partnering with Google Lunar XPRIZE team Part-Time Scientists to send a rover to the Moon. Audi is supporting the Berlin-based team with its vast experience in several fields of technology—from quattro all-wheel drive and lightweight construction to electric mobility and piloted driving.

"The concept of a privately-financed mission to the moon is fascinating,” said Luca de Meo, Audi Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “And innovative ideas need supporters that promote them. We want to send a signal with our involvement with the Part-Time Scientists and also motivate other partners to contribute their know-how.”

“With Audi, we have acquired a strong partner that will bring us a big step forward with its technological and mobility capabilities,” said Robert Böhme, founder and head of the Part‑Time Scientists. “We look forward to future interaction and a fruitful partnership.”

The rover—now known as the Audi lunar quattro—hopes to launch in 2017. Its target is an area near the landing site of the Apollo 17, NASA’s last manned mission to the Moon.

To learn more about this exciting partnership between Audi and Part-Time Scientists, visit Audi’s Mission to the Moon website.

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