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Sealed with Dogecoin Movie prediction: DISTRICT 10 - A promise is a PROMISEAge: 12 months

Sealed in 26 March 2016 03:08:06 Opened at: 29 March 2017 19:30:00
3 years have passed, the prawns are living in District 10. They are now forced to work in factories that have been built specifically for them, or in mines, to keep the aliens too busy to get in trouble and to lessen the drain on the economy. The profits from such ventures have made some higher ups VERY rich, and the general public is also benefiting with better roads, new hospitals and schools.

However, on the outside, protest groups have sprung up against the forced labor of the prawns, with Wilkus' wife as their main voice. On the inside, under the guidance of one prawn leader, some prawns have begun to plan a revolution. MNU has become more relaxed in its searches, incorrectly believing the prawns now to be too docile and tired to be secretly building and stockpiling weapons. The leader of the revolution is Wilkus.

Then one day a ship returns. The rescue has begun.

The aliens announce they only want to retrieve their people, but they will fight if need be. Afraid of the loss of many of their people, they begin to negotiate peacefully with the higher ups, who see this as a HUGE financial loss.

The arrogant, greedy and over-confident higher ups see the new ship as a chance to acquire more slaves. They pretend to negotiate with the new aliens, whose leader is Christopher, asking for time to find replacement workers, and saying if they let them all go at once the loss would be too great, that hospitals and schools would have to close and the public would revolt. Covertly they hatch a plan to disable the new ship, now knowing it can not operate without the command module. They begin building powerful missiles that can be aimed directly at the command module. Wilkus' Father-in-law is one of these higher ups.

Christopher and some of the aliens have visited the camps and observed the treatment of their people and have become impatient. However still not willing to begin a war that would kill many of their people, the alien leaders agree to give them time. Christopher learns of the revolution and the existence of Wilkus and makes contact with him. He tells Wilkus to wait, that to begin the revolution now would only undermine the plans of what he believes to be a peaceful negotiation. He gives Wilkus a small piece of technology that they can use for communication, but tells him to only use it in an emergency as it can be traced when in operation.

Members of the protest group led by Wilkus' wife have been secretly working on the inside with the prawns to relay information back to her and the others. When they find out about the revolution and who its leader is one of them reveals himself to him and Wilkus sends a message to his wife in the form of a flower he has made.

Even though Wilkus Father in law and wife are on opposite sides, they still communicate. Wilkus Father in law is slowly becoming disenchanted with the plan to disable the ship, as too many human lives would be lost in the process, he doesn't agree with the other higher ups who are referring to the loss of life as collateral damage.

She knows when the revolution happens, many lives will be lost on both sides, and she's still not even sure what it would accomplish. She's sitting on the couch holding the flower and crying when her Father comes for a visit. Seeing his daughter upset, (although he doesn't know the whole picture) and feeling guilty about the plan and the way Wilkus was treated, he reveals the plan of the higher ups to her. The missiles are nearly ready to go.

She sends the message to Wilkus.

Wilkus communicates the plan of the higher ups to Christopher. MNU picks up a signal going from the camp to the ship, but not what was said. Wilkus tells the other prawns that the revolution will begin that night, however suddenly the camp begins to fill with soldiers searching for the device from which the signal was broadcast. Wilkus and the others arm themselves and begin fighting back. The revolution has begun.

Small ships come down from the mother ship, with more prawns to help in the fighting. Anti aircraft missiles shoot down as many possible but some still make it to the ground.

Wilkus wife and the other protesters are outside the camp, calling out for peace and an end to the bloodshed, they are being pushed back by MNU soldiers, some are being arrested. She runs along the fence to a part which backs up to a highly wooded area and loses the soldiers who go back to deal with the other protesters. News reaches Wilkus that his wife is just outside the fence and he tries to reach her, having firefights all the way and getting shot.

The higher ups have decided to go ahead with the missiles even though they're untested. They bring out the missiles and fire the first one towards the command module of the ship. It misses. As the fighting goes on below, they fire a second missile which this time hits the target and disables the ship. There is a big "hoorah!" in the command room, as they know they've won and it will only be a matter of time before the prawns have to surrender.

When the second missile hits the ship, some of the fighting stops as they look up at the powerful explosion. Wilkus uses this distraction to finally reach the fence with his wife on the other side. As they reach through the fence to grasp hands, an alien voice comes through Wilkus communicator. They look in each others eyes, a look of fear and concern crosses her face.

Christopher is on a communicator in the big ship, saying "Peaceful negotiations have failed."

More mother ships come down and begin to fill the sky.....

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