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Sealed with Dogecoin Boxing prediction: What is on the Klitschko prerecorded usb stick about his fight of the ages versus JoshuaAge: 2 days

Sealed in 29 April 2017 12:15:55 Opened at: 01 May 2017 05:00:00
MY WILD PREDICTIONS IS: Klitschko will devastate Joshua in the 6th round and demolish him in the 7th with straight punch knockout

Wladimir Klitschko has recorded his prediction of Saturday's fight against Anthony Joshua on a USB stick which will be sewn into his robe.

Klitschko will wear the robe to the ring and then auction it off after the fight to raise money for his charity foundation.

Only then will the successful bidder be able to watch the video to see if the veteran fighter's prediction for his Wembley contest with Joshua - live on Sky Sports Box Office - was accurate.

Klitschko made the confident revelation during a packed media briefing at Sky Central in west London, where both men were full of mutual respect ahead of Saturday night's blockbuster contest.

"On this stick, I recorded a video last week I gave my prediction," Klitschko revealed, holding up the memory stick. "This stick is going to be integrated into my robe.

"Do not ask me, after that fight, what is on the stick. The only person who is going to be able to open it up and watch it is the person who buys this robe, with all the money going to the Klitschko Foundation."

Joshua, meanwhile, believes he can etch his name among the greats of boxing by winning Saturday's Wembley showdown.

The Brit will defend his IBF crown in the fight and compete for the IBO and WBA super titles vacated by Tyson Fury, who won them by beating Klitschko in November 2015.

That was the Ukrainian's first defeat for more than 11 years, and Joshua is well aware of the impact a victory over Klitschko will have on his own legacy in the sport.

"I always try to strip things right back to basics," he said. "It is just me and a man trading blows and the best man will win.

"I am preparing myself not only for a physical battle but a mental battle with anyone. April 29 is another stepping stone towards greatness."

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