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Star Wars batel

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You’re probably dead lol

Yo, it’s you from the past, you always wanted to know more about time and shit, but anyways. It’s currently January 4, 2019 3:07 am. I have work tomorrow morning at modern market. You’re in a relationship with a girl named Alyssa a d she’s great, but not so much you, you’re really selfish and will do anything to get what you want. You’re wasting this girls time and I hope it was worth it wherever you are now. I’m mentally broken and confused and too aware of my existence, I can’t sleep before 12am anymore. Mom is in a tough situation and you don’t even wanna talk to her everyday, you have no idea if your brother is alive or not, hell i just remembered he existed. I’m really sad and unsatisfied with life right now, I wanna cry but I can’t. I really hope this feeling doesn’tast forever as I think it will. But what does it matter if your dead. I’ve been thinking about death a lot, and it’s just nothing after death, then sign me up. I won’t be aware of anything, so I won’t feel sad right. Anyways, I hope you’re in a better situation cause this one sucks.

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Owner: Shawn
Sealed in 30 November 2019 02:22:29
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The End


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Owner: Da Bestest
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Owner: Wahrheit
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Mr. Stampfli will give us our english results. I will be wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

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Owner: Ilan
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The sun won’t shine and it won’t snow, but it will probably rain. It will be cold outside. I will wear a blue jean with a black jacket.

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